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#ThursdaysTrail - The Cowan Track - Terrey Hills


The Video:

The Why:

While the Perimeter and Long Tracks attract a large number of mountain bikers the Cowan Track is a trail largely ignored by the masses.  The out and back section forks off from the Long Track just above the first set of water bars and features some interesting and rough sections unlike anywhere else along the Perimeter and Long Tracks.

It adds another 4.3km (return) to your Terrey Hills ride and has an awesome view at the end.

Who For:

Everyone, but especially good for up-skilling beginners.

About the Trail Centre:

The fire trails at Terrey Hills (Duffy's Forest) are some of the longest in Sydney.  The longest piece of trail is the Perimeter and Long Track combo however various other trails can be linked up with short road sections. Most are well groomed and easily ridden by MTBers of all standards. The Perimeter and Long Track trails are the perfect place to take first timers and beginners - far more appropriate than the likes of Manly Dam.


Considering the number of people that ride and walk the Perimeter and Long Tracks it surprises me that the Cowan track doesn't attract more traffic - especially as it's a relatively short diversion with some very picturesque views of Cowan Creek towards Bobbin Head.

The trail itself is far rougher than the Perimeter and Long Tracks, with heaps of bedded-rock sections (not loose like some sections on the Long Track). The fire trail is not so groomed and doesn't always follow the fall line which makes it more interesting in my opinion.

While the trail undulates a little it descends on the way out meaning there is a slight climb on the way back.

It's great way for beginners to gain more confidence on rough terrain and very worthy 4.3kms to add to any ride along the Long Track.

Also worth looking at:

Long Track Water Bars - On the  Long Track, just prior to the Cowan Trail is a great section of water bars, really good for building up confidence on fast rough descents and in the other direction for building fitness, technique and confidence on steep climbs.

The Long Track - Full ride. Many people don't ride all the way to the end of the Long Track but some of the best trail sections and the best views are found in the final bit. I highly recommend doing this.


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