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Out of action for a month



I just got back from the Orthopaedic surgeon and she told me no riding for a month.

I broke my wrist going OTB before Christmas riding the Rock Slide at Red Hill but I thought it was only a sprain, in fact I was back riding some pretty gnarly descents within 4 days, however the big bone that ends near the thumb had quite a significant break.

It has been quite sore since I went OTB but it hasn't stopped me riding, in fact the times when it hurt the most was just putting on my backpack or driving the car.  Even riding (and crashing) Thredbo didn't cause any issues.

It turns out that fracture isn't healing fast enough and if I don't rest it it may not heal .. and that will be serious, so now I have to wear a brace for a month!

The Doc is a mountain biker so we talked the same language.  She told me I could ride simple stuff, but the problem is I probably wont be able to ride with the brace anyway so it pretty much rules me out for a month.

Assuming the weather is good enough to ride, I'm going to defy doctor's orders for the Old Man's Valley opening on Saturday, but after that I will be restricted to the exercise bike for 4 weeks ... then another set of X-Rays.

The good or bad news after that will be ride on or surgery .. BUGGER!


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