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Survived my 2nd weekend without a ride


My 2nd weekend without a ride ... survived .. just.

I’m sure seasoned MTBers, certainly those Sydney-siders who sat out last year’s wet, will tell me being on the sidelines is just a fact of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I had planned on defying Doctor’s orders to ride OMV on Saturday but the rain gods put an end to that – maybe they are looking after me.

The weekend was spent doing “Man Jobs” and scoring much needed “Man Points” with the missus. A few more weeks of this and I will definitely deserve a weekend riding Stromlo and Majura Pines.

I did however get some quality time with the keyboard. A few backend improvements to the website while working on the backlog of MTB videos that need watching definitely eased the pain.  What I didn’t do was get on the exercise bike ... the weigh in this morning wasn’t pretty.

This week’s goals:

  • No Doner Kebabs
  • Walk at lunch every day
  • Get on the exercise bike every day
  • No chocolate (beyond the daily ration)

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