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Engravings Track (Bantry Bay Rd Fire Trail)   (1.36km)

Bantry BayLast Update: 6/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 1/5/2013

Difficulty - Easy
Slope - Flat
Space - Open
Surface - Cobblestones - Dirt - Loose rocks on dirt - Rock - Sand
Trail type - Firetrail


The Engravings Track is also known as the Bantry Bay Rd Track or Wakehurst Parkway Fire Trail.  It runs from the end of Bantry Bay Rd, Frenchs Forest toward North Balgowlah.  The fire trail ends well before Seaforth Oval, but a single track extends the full way.  From what I can ascertain the single trail is illegal, as it appears to be within the Garigal National Park.  There are indications that it does get ridden but not a lot.

The south end of the fire trail ends just off the Wakehurst Parkway with the vehicle entrance blocked by massive stone bricks easily got around on your bike.  It pops out where the straight section of the Wakehurst Parkway ends and the 60kph zone starts.

The Engravings Track gets its name from a section of Aboriginal Carvings about halfway along the trail on the western side.  You can't miss it, the area is fenced off with heavy gauge fencing and has plenty of signs.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIKE INTO THIS AREARiding in these zones will result in MASSIVE FINES and puts at risk Mountain Biking on the Northern Beaches.

As this is a maintenance road the trail itself is almost completely flat, with virtually no grade and only a few small rough sections.  It's almost entirely straight, following the Wakehurst Parkway along the top of the ridge.

The Engravings Track is short and doesn't really have any outstanding features however if linked with the top section of Manly Dam it creates a nice 20-40 minute loop, perfect for a pre-work ride (assisted by getting the car on the western side of the Wakehurst Parkway / Warringah Rd intersection before the traffic sets in).

Parking around the playing fields (Ararat Reserve) at the end of Bantry Bay Rd.

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