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Beacon Hill to Allambie Rd   (645m)

Forest PipelineLast Update: 6/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 26/5/2013

Difficulty - Easy
Slope - Flat - Moderate - Undulating - Steep
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Grass - Rock
Trail type - Firetrail


The first section of the Forest Pipeline Track runs from Goroka Park at the south end of Government Rd in Beacon Hill through to the lights at Allambie Rd and Mortain Ave.

From Goroka Park follow Ethie Rd to the west but before the corner drop down the grassed area to the left, through gates and follow the pipeline.  This pipe runs (above ground for the most part) all the way to St Ives!

The first descent is grassy and reasonably steep with some rough rocky options available for those looking for a bit of action.  Itís quite easy to pick up speed down this section however be aware itís not completely smooth, it does see a lot of pedestrian traffic and there is potential for stray pets to cause you significant grief!

(Riding the other way is a decent climb!  The grass itís tougher than it looks and the rough sections add insult to injury.)

At the bottom there is a short grassy climb up to the gate at Mortain Ave.  On the other side of the road the grassy climb gets tougher as the trail heads up to Allambie Rd.

This section is hardly worth riding on its own but itís a small segment off-road that can be used to link Red Hill and Manly Dam and or the rest of the Forest Pipeline Track.

Goroka Park also has a very short section of single track.  From the top corner of the park near the swings a track heads off toward the south, winding its way through the small patch of bush before turning to the east and exiting at clearing on Goroka Place.

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