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The Bottom Trail   (1.34km)

Fred Caterson ReserveLast Update: 6/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 22/6/2013

Difficulty - Easy - Intermediate - Advanced
Slope - Flat - Undulating - Near vertical
Space - Tight - Extreme Caution
Surface - Dirt - Eternal Puddles - Rock - Roots - Rutted
Trail type - Single track


The absolute standout trail section of Fred Caterson Reserve.

The Bottom Trail has a fantastic mix of XC winding sections, creek crossings plus technical descents and climbs regardless of which way you ride.  It is without question the most outstanding section of trail in the Fred Cat area.

When riding from the main Fred Cat area cross the stone bridge on the Water Treatment Plant Northern Descent and climb up the single track until it becomes fire trail, then take the left turn down to the Water Treatment Plant fence.  Follow the fence around to the far northern edge and the single track off to the north through the long grass is the start of the trail.

If you are coming from the far northern end on the Fullers Road Reserve Bike Path stop at the Water Pipe, you can't miss it, the trail is literally next to the concrete block on the left side.  BE WARNED - this end of the trail is GNARLY!  The trail descends directly down the slope to the creek in what can only be described as a Downhill trail.  I watched a very experienced guy do it on his trail bike, his back tyre remained locked up the whole way down - click here to view the artistry.  That being said it can be walked .. or more climbed in either direction.

But don't be put off by this warning, the other option is to avoid the downhill section altogether by riding the trail out and back and in that respect this trail is one of those rare magical trails that provide excellent technical descents and climbs in either direction.

I'll say it again .. its with out a doubt the highlight of Fred Caterson Reserve!

For most part the dirt trail is well bedded and plenty wide enough to carry good speed.  Some of the turns are quite tight but typically gave enough time to deal with tricky situations.  There are a number of low branches, some of them strong enough to cause serious damage if you don't show respect. 

The technical sections include rooted steps, rooted sections, log rolls (some quite significant) and a few rough rocky sections however despite their challenges the rocks themselves are quite rounded.

This trail will suit riders of all levels however beginner and intermediate riders may need to walk some of the technicals.

Don't miss this trail!

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