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Shady's (Loop 3)  

Stromlo Forest ParkLast Update: 6/12/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 16/11/2013

Difficulty - Intermediate - A & B Lines
Slope - Moderate
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Loose rocks on dirt - Loose rocks on rock - Rock - Rutted
Trail type - Single track


Shady's is another trail that forms a part of the climb out from the far western reaches of Stromlo Forest Park.

The trail begins at the end of Spin Doctor and beginning of Deadgum Dam (closed at the time of riding). 

Shady's is actually a loop however you can clearly see on the video that very few riders descend back to the beginning of the trail.  At the top of Shady's the Missing Link trail is the choice of most riders as they head back to the intersection of Double Dissolution, Pork Barrel and Party Line.

Shady's forks off to the right and has a short section of descending esses before starting on its climb up the hillside.  The trail is full of technical challenges almost from the get go.  There are plenty of rocks in the middle of the trail, often quite large and quite a number of very rough technical sections and rock slabs.  To add to the challenge this trail has a number of climbing switchbacks many of them steep and rocky at the same time.

You will see at the mid point of the video there is a section at the southern end of the trail with very technical options.  The trail we took is the main trail however to the left are a number of options for VERY big and steep rock climbs.  You can of course descend the big rollers as well.  If this section was closer to home base I think you would see guys hanging out here practicing.  Remember it's a long way back if you bust a bone or bike.

Beyond the big rocky section the trail continues north to the start of Missing Link.  Most riders take Missing Link rather than continuing on the loop to the start of Shady's.

The descent from the intersection of Missing Link is short but sweet.  It starts with a steep rocky descent before flowing along the open hillside.  The trail then turns downhill and flows back down to the start of the trail.  It takes less than a minute to ride down but for those looking for some explorative adventure it's worth the trip, and by going back to the start you have another opportunity to tackle the technical climbs and hopefully get them right.

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