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The Big Boggy to Bob's Ridge   (2.80km)

Pilot WildernessLast Update: 6/6/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 30/3/2014

Difficulty - Easy
Slope - Moderate - Steep
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Gravel - Loose rocks on dirt
Trail type - Firetrail


Before riding in the Pilot Wilderness make sure you have done your homework, done a very thorough check of the weather conditions and have all the necessary safety gear as this part of the country is unforgiving.

The Cascade Hut Trail crosses the Thredbo River at the Big Boggy.  Itís quite a river crossing however there is a metal bridge a bit down stream that will save you getting your feet wet.  Consider the temperature before getting wet in this area of the world, the water is only a few degrees above freezing and when you start to pick up speed your feet are going to get VERY cold.

Itís a 208m climb over just 2.8km and for the most part I walked it, however Iím sure plenty (if not most riders) are able to climb the hill.  But remember if you are riding beyond Bobís Ridge and plan to return to Dead Horse Gap the climb from Cascade Creek to Bobís Ridge is many times harder than this climb.

Descending home on this section of the Cascade Hut Trail is heaps of fun with a number of water bars, tight corners and chance to really open up. Thereís a lot of loose rocks / large gravel on the trail so take caution when descending especially considering this is a shared trail and does see a reasonable amount of walking traffic in good weather.  The trail is dual track 4x4 road and in pretty good condition. 

Take the time to stop and look at the amazing vistas as you make your way up to Bobís Ridge.  The view back down over the Thredbo River is simply amazing.  Once up on the ridge the views arenít so good, you may need to walk a little way off the trail to see out over the Cascade Creek

I highly recommend heading up to Bobís Ridge not only for the stunning views but also the fast descent right back down to Dead Horse Gap.

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