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TVT Part 4 - Bullocks Track - Thredbo Diggings to Bullocks Flat   (2.59km)

Thredbo Valley TrailLast Update: 7/5/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 28/3/2014

Difficulty - Easy
Slope - Flat - Moderate
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Gravel - Wierd space age material
Trail type - Single track


This is a relatively new trail that runs from the camping ground at Thredbo Diggings (a short drive from the National Parks entrance on the road to Thredbo).  You can of course avoid the parks entry fee by parking at the Bullocks Flat - Ski Tube car park instead.

Thredbo Diggings is a camping area on the banks of the Thredbo River there is a small dirt single track winding its way from the carpark towards the north - signed posted as the Bullocks Track.  Note at last visit this sign has been vandalised and it looks like bikes are banned, this is not the case.  The Bullocks Track is a shared use trail as is the Muzzelwood Trail. The trail that runs along side the river and around the hill (as opposed to over it) is a walking trail only.

As you cross a small bridge and start to ascend the track becomes a manicured gravel single track that winds its way over the hill and down the other side to Bullocks Flat.

The climb is not overly steep however the ascent / descent seems longer at the Bullocks Flat end.

You can exit the trail at the Skitube car park or follow the trail around underneath the Skitube bridge where it crosses the Thredbo River.  The trail then turns to the right and joins up with the  River Trail - Blue Trail and River Trail - Green Trail running from the Lake Crackenback Resort Loop along the Thredbo River.  Turn right to ride back up to the Lake Crackenback Resort.

This is an easy track but for those more adventurous it does present an opportunity to pick up the speed through some tight corners and small bumps BUT BEWARE - These trails are shared with walkers.  The MTB community have put a lot of energy into gaining the necessary approval to allow mountain biking.  Enjoy the trail but PLAY IT SAFE, there are other trails in the Snowy to break free on.

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