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Return from EvS via Redtank Rd / Pipeline Rd (from EvS to Direct Rd)  

Rotorua RedwoodsLast Update: 30/12/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 16/11/2014

Difficulty - Easy
Slope - Flat - Moderate - Undulating
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Gravel - Loose rocks on dirt
Trail type - Firetrail - Graded Dirt Road


Prior to  heading back to the Redwoods I  studied Google Earth looking for the best way back from Eagle vs Shark.  This  particular route looked to be the easiest way, by a long shot, however it was  the long way around and no one ever talked about it so I wondered if Iíd missed  something.  

I tried the  more popular routes Lentil Link/Sidewinder/Direct Rd to Hot X Buns and Hill Rd back to Corners before deciding to give it a go.  I  figured it couldnít be any harder than those.   Plus Iíd seen the view from Katore Rd to Tarawera Rd and that  stretch of forest looked AMAZING!

So on the  last run of the last day I returned from Eagle vs Shark via Redtank Rd / Pipeline Rd.  OMG .. one of the greatest fire  trail rides Iíve done.

The initial  section running parallel to Tarawera Road was a beautiful ride through lush green forest with a few steady by ridable  climbs, but as the road turned back toward Rotorua it started descending.  I was expecting  to cruise this section and take in the view however the road was FAST and I found  myself going flat stick and enjoying the descent far too much to take in the  view.  It wasnít until I got to the other  end that I realized I hadnít looked up. :)

With all  good descents there must be a climb, however the climb was a steady one  achieved without the granny gear.  A  stark contrast to the options of Hill Rd and Sidewinder that had me walking  almost the entire way.

I highly  recommend this route back.  On this  occasion my last run of the day was Eagle vs Shark, Redtank Rd / Pipeline Rd, Be Rude Not To 2, Mad If You Don'tand Waipa Mill Rd.  An amazing way to finish the holiday.

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