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Hot X Buns   (2.40km)

Rotorua RedwoodsLast Update: 30/12/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 16/11/2014

Difficulty - Intermediate - Advanced - A & B Lines
Slope - Undulating - Steep
Space - Tight - Extreme Caution
Surface - Dirt - Heavy leaf and branch litter - Roots - Rutted
Trail type - Single track


The biggest  problem with Hot X Buns is not the  roots, nor the ruts, nor the shoots, nor the steeps, nor the drops, the biggest  problem with Hot X Buns is that it  takes so much energy to get to the top that you have nothing left to deal with  the terror that awaits you on the trail.   (Tips on how to get to Hot X Buns below).

Hot X Buns begins at the top of Direct Road however it doesnít descend immediately, the full trail  climbs up to the top of the hill.  There  is a short cut that runs around the hill and connects up with the main trail at  the beginning of the descent.  The climb  is not highly trafficked, has a heavy cover of pine needles and in my opinion  isnít very rewarding. In future I will take the short cut.

Hot X Buns is the most Enduro trail Iíve ever ridden.  While the technical descents I will describe  shortly are amazing the punchy and often rooty climbs sap any remaining energy  making the whole bottom-to-top-to-bottom experience of Hot X Buns EXHAUSTING.

With  regards to the descents it was the most challenging ride I did on this  particular trip.  By far and away the  toughest trail Iíve ridden in the forest (tougher than Corridor and required far greater bike control than Billy T).

The  descents are generally pretty steep, actually some are VERY steep and at the  time of riding the trail was damp making extra nervous about grip, but that was  insignificant compared to the challenge of riding the enormous volume of  slippery roots.  Roots mean drops/steps  and as you can see in the video there are plenty of them, often on corners or  in areas where you desperately want to control your speed.

As  mentioned, this trail was the most difficult I rode, being early in the trip it  spooked me a little (not to mention the squeaking headset that was doing my  head in) so I probably didnít ride it as aggressively as I should have.  

The effort  required to get up there and how petrified I was descending meant I didnít ride  it again, which in hindsight I regret.  Itís  a trail Iím looking forward to riding with greater confidence.

Getting there:
  From Eagle vs Shark

From the Shuttle Zone

From elsewhere

  • Get  to the intersection of Pipeline Rd, Red Tank Rd, Direct Rd.  Then ride or walk  up Direct Road.  Iíve not done it but Iím told by fit guys  that itís torture.

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