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Dragons Tail   (1.30km)

Rotorua RedwoodsLast Update: 30/12/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 16/11/2014

Difficulty - Easy - Intermediate - A & B Lines
Slope - Moderate - Undulating
Space - Open - Tight
Surface - Dirt - Roots
Trail type - Single track


Dragons Tail is essentially an alternate ride to Be Rude Not To 2 running on the other  side of Red Tank Rd.  Dragons Tail is not dissimilar to Mad If You Don't however its straighter, faster and has some short but reasonable  climbs.

I only ever  got to this area of the forest when exiting the Redwoods after a long stint riding.   The climbs on Dragons Tail are much tougher than Be Rude Not To 2 so I found myself choosing the easy option on subsequent days.  However after re-watching the video I now  wish Id ridden back up Red Tank Rd for another run or two, in fact it would be a good place to spend a few hours  riding Be Rude Not To 2, Dragons Tail, Mad If You Don't, Lion Trail, Paddy's Run, Tickler and Bunny Jugs.

Dragons Tail exits onto Red Tank Rd near *the* Red  Tank, the only landmark found on the official maps.  From here take Red Tank Rd down to Mad If You Don't.

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