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Bunny Jugs 1 and 2   (1.20km)

Rotorua RedwoodsLast Update: 30/12/2014
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 16/11/2014

Difficulty - Intermediate - A & B Lines
Slope - Undulating
Space - Open - Tight
Surface - Dirt - Roots - Rutted
Trail type - Single track


The Bunny Jugs trails are cool little  trails that bring you back to the Shuttle  Pickup from the big intersection at the base of Hot X Buns, the start of Be Rude Not To 2, Dragons Tail, the  intersection of Redtank Rd / Pipeline Rd and Direct Road.

Both trails  have technical moments with some short rutted and rooty descents, tight  corners, heavy over growth and punchy climbs.

Bunny Jugs 1 starts from Red Tank Rd about 20m from the main intersection, and pops out on Pipeline Rd. From the end of Bunny Jugs 1 continue down Pipeline Rd a short distance before  entering Bunny Jugs 2 off to the  left.

At the time  of riding Bunny Jugs 2 was more  technical than Bunny Jugs 1.  Both trails are listed as grade 4 I would  say a soft grade 4.

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