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Mr Squiggle - Magic Roundabout - Batcave  

Majura PinesLast Update: 10/6/2015
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 5/6/2015

Difficulty - Intermediate - A & B Lines
Slope - Undulating - Steep
Space - Tight
Surface - Dirt - Eternal Puddles - Loose rocks on dirt - Loose rocks on rock - Rock - Roots - Rutted
Trail type - Single track


Mr Squiggle, Magic Roundabout and Batcave are the climbs leading to the top of Pino Grinio

Mr Squiggle starts at the top of Mud Honey which is not far from the top of Bogs and Logs - either route is an acceptable way to get to Mr Squiggle.  Mr Squiggle is a reasonable climb through a number of switch backs, while not as torturous as Boy Wonder or Batcave it's still a fair climb up over the hill.

Mr Squiggle will lead right up to Batcave but on this video I opted to take the more technical option via Magic Roundabout.  It won't surprise me if this route gets unused in a short period of time.  Magic Roundabout touches Pino Grinio & Bombora therefore it may well be used as en exit from Pino Grinio for those not wanting to ride Bombora.  Next time I will probably just head up Mr Squiggle to Batcave.  Watch out for the gully crossing, it's a fair dip.

Batcave is another of the tough climbs at Majura Pines.  While no where near as technical as Boy Wonder or even Boy Wonder for that matter the climb is steep and the switchbacks are long.  I was surprised to find that this is a one way trail due to the banked corners, but the map clearly shows one way.

The climb all the way to the top of Batcave is worth it.  There are some really nice views and the run down Pino Grinio & Bombora is awesome.

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