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Funshine Rolly Drops, Smoke & Mirrors, Blueseum, Wednesday Night Delight, Devils Club  

Whistler Bike ParkLast Update: 13/10/2017
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 9/10/2017

Difficulty - Intermediate - A & B Lines
Slope - Moderate
Space - Tight
Surface - Dirt - Loose rocks on dirt - Rock - Roots - Rutted - Wood
Trail type - Single track


This run was one of our favourites and when riding by myself it would often be a last minute decision if there were other riders heading off on Ninja Cougar - which is exactly what happened on this video.

It's only a little bit further down B-Line from the Ninja Cougar exit before the turnoff to Funshine Rolly Drops.  The trail name gives away what you can expect in this section, but certainly more rolls than drops and all drops are avoidable.  

Smoke & Mirrors has two lines however only the right side line was open while we were there.  From other videos Iíve noticed the left line is mostly north shore.  The right line is quite rough with some fast down-the-fall-line sections over uneven ground.

Funshine Rolly Drops onto Smoke & Mirrors is a real Rat Run - not a lot of lines to play with more a case of getting your timing right with braking and turning while keeping light over the tech bits.  I really love these kind of trails.

Blueseum runs on from the end of Smoke & Mirrors but is also accessible from midway down B-Line.  The trickiest bit about Blueseum is the entry as it's particularly dark in the trees as you ride onto a strip of north shore lined with trees that bends immediately after entering the darkness.  On bright sunny days you go into the trees completely blind!  Once back on dirt the trail picks up a good amount of flow and speed shooting down the forest on a bumpy rocky and rooty trail before shooting down a slab onto some more north shore work.

Immediately after the odd brick/concreted berm there are two line options, the left line is fast and rough with some tight corners, to the right is a pretty decent rock roll with an optional chicken line.  I enjoyed the left track so much I never tried the rock roll (but it was my mates line of choice).

Blueseum naturally leads into Wednesday Night Delight a short trail that swoops down a loose descent onto a north shore drop.  In this video I drop off the right side trail which allows you to hold more speed, while getting to the left side slows you down considerably.  I really donít think there was a great difference in the height of the two drops but the right side trail falls away quickly afterward while the left side is quite flat.  So with the additional speed on the right side and the steeper landing you end up with a bigger drop.

By the video it looks as tho the right one has a small gap after the timber work but the left side doesnít.  I donít have a lot of experience with drops but I found these very comfortable to ride at any speed.

After the drops the right side dips down and sets up for a big table top, while the left side landing only dips slightly in the lead up to a jump thatís about half the size of the right side.

The entry to Devilís Club is to the left, however for most of the time we were in Whistler it was being repaired.  On the days it was open it was our preferred method.  Other options are the lower section of B-Line which was quite bombed out or continue further to the left toward Ho Chi Minh.

Devils Club is certainly one of the more difficult blue trails, in fact on some maps itís listed as black.  Itís possible itís been dumbed down to give intermediate riders more options.  My recommendation is to check the trail signage before riding and be prepared for the a ride that matches the trail signage difficulty.  Devilís Club contains lots of north shore work, very slippery rocks, roots and slabs leading into more slippery north shore bridges, followed by more slippery tech - this repeats a few times.  Lots of fun but pretty sketchy at the time of riding, I would have liked it to be damp and not so loose.

The ride out via Longhorn, EZ Does It, A-Line (Tech) and Hornet: on the video Iíve shown one of the options we would take to get to the bottom however not our preferred option (see the end of the Ninja Cougar run).  Turning left across the road and down Longhorn is horrible - I hated that section and it wasnít any better on lower EZ Does It however the short section in the trees of A-Line (Tech) and Hornet was quite fun unless you do what my mate did!

Comparing this run to other trails

For more information on B-Line check this out

All the other trails in this video

(the old) Blue Descent, OMV - similar in many respects with the amount of rocks, roots, north shore bridges and slabs.  Very similar sort of trail speed and flow.

Pork Barrel and Northern Express, Stromlo - Rough and loose, small drops / steps, bumps and ruts.  At times fast, other other times techy.  A real Rat Run.

Ti Tihi-O-Tawa, Billy T, Under Billy, G-Rock and Chestnut Link, Mad If You Donít, Dragonís Tail, Te Ara Puna Rotorua Redwoods - very similar trails to many of the Redwoods trails except with a lot more rocks and a lot looser than Rotorua.  Similar speed, similar flow - which is probably why I felt so at home on them.

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