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Tokyo Express   (2.30km)

Bungarra Alpine CentreLast Update: 6/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 13/1/2013

Difficulty - Intermediate
Slope - Moderate - Undulating
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Loose rocks on dirt - Rock - Roots - Wood
Trail type - Single track


Tokyo Express is a traversing trail that runs from the top of Emuís Run around the hill toward the south providing access to the  Ridgeline Double Trails and the double back to the top of the Copperhead Flow Trail, which is definitely worth a ride.  It's an easy ride with a slight incline the whole way.  The trail does have the odd rock garden and a switchback but on the greater scheme of things its a very easy ride to the top of the gravity trails.

The Ridgeline Double Trails and Copperhead Flow Trail are not to be missed.  Whether climbing Emuís Run, Mountain Ash or granny gearing your way up the fire trail, Tokyo Express will be your final your ticket to ride these great gravity trails.

The other option is to go beyond the Copperhead Flow trail head and grind your way up to the Wild Goat Trail Ė and the name pretty much covers it.  I rode the Wild Goat Trail a few days before without a camera but didnít go back because I found switch backs that fold back on themselves in a foot or two with big rocks on the apex were far from fun.  It was a shame because the rocks themselves would have been good but due to the ridiculously tight corners I couldnít hold any speed so was forced to walk most of them. I didnít get what the trail was there for?


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