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Wildflower Gardens Single Track   (870m)

St Ives and BelroseLast Update: 5/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 2/11/2013

Difficulty - Easy - Intermediate
Slope - Flat - Moderate
Space - Open - Tight - Extreme Caution
Surface - Dirt - Eternal Puddles - Grass - Gravel - Roots - Rutted - Sand - Wood
Trail type - Single track


The single track descent from the St Ives Showground to the entrance of the Wildflower Garden (otherwise known on Strava as Johnny's Jaunt) has been considerably opened up after a major bush clearing operation in late October 2013.  Prior to the clearing this trail was a minefield of low hanging branches, fallen trees, tight corners and handle bar grabbing trees.

Starting from the main gates you can descend down along the fence line and then turn up the fire road (as I have done in the video) or follow the roads around to the southern end of the grounds.

The single trail runs off the dirt road near the light coloured brick building that sits about 15m from the road on the South West side (it looks like a toilet block). The trail entrance can be easily missed so look for the building to help locate it.

The trail dives straight into dense bush and due to the low amount of traffic you may encounter low hanging foliage however since the bush clearing in Oct 13 the trail is out in the open for the majority of the ride. The trail tightly hugs a few handlebar hungry trees however many of them have now been removed most notably trees on the inside of bends.  There are a few rocks, fallen trees (left as obstacles) and plenty of tight bends that reward smooth riding.

If you are looking for a tight, relatively flat single track that keeps you on your toes then this is the trail!  It also forms a (now far more rideable) link between the Ridge Top Track (Quarry Track) and the St Ives Horse Track

Good for building confidence - or totally shattering it.

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