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Thredbo ResortLast Update: 4/5/2013

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The NSW Snowy Mountains MTB scene rapdily expanding.  I’ve decided to keep all the trail locations separated even though some are quite close to each other (and some will one day join up). Sections are: Jindabyne (trails around the dam), Bungarra Alpine Centre, Thredbo River including Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, Thredbo Resort, Mt Kosciuszko, Perisher (still to come). Rolling Ground have a selection of Snow Mountains MTB Trail Maps available for download

Check Thredbo’s website www.thredbo.com.au for up to date information on trail status, new trails and terms and conditions of riding.  There are specific requirements and accrediations needed for some trails.

While the full details are being kept under wraps Thredbo has MASSIVE plans for mountain biking.  In spring 2012 World Trail (the company that build Mt Buller’s internationally recognized trail centre) were contracted to develop a “Thredbo mountain bike Concept Plan”.

Their first big improvement was the opening of the Kosciuszko Flow Trail in January 2013.  A 5.8km trail that takes a flowy and less technical (blue) route down the mountain.  At the time of writing they were also madly shaping what looked like a descent sized pump track in the grassy park at the southern end of Thredbo Village.  Check www.thredbo.com.au for details.

Thredbo had already developed a MTB scene prior to the appointment of World Trail with their famous Thredbo Downhill trail, a steep and rocky descent from the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift.

With the help of the NPWS they were also on the way to developing a trail linking Thredbo Resort with the trails at Thredbo River (Thredbo DiggingsBullocks Flat-Thredbo River and Lake Crackenback), due to be complete in 2015.  As of April 2013 the Thredbo Valley Trail extended for 6km over the suspension bridges and as far as the Rangers Station (the site of the old Charlotte Pass to Thredbo Chairlift).

There are also a trails around the Golf Course and out to the northern side of Friday Flat called the Bridle Trail Loop (which links up with the Thredbo Valley Trail) and on the eastern side of the Thredbo River the Pipeline Path a short trail from the bridge to the far northern end of Thredbo.

Prior to the summer of 2012 you could ride a Merrits Traverse taking you from the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift across Sponsors and Antons T-Bars, past the Gunbarrel Chairlift right over to the top of the Merrits Chairlift (skiers will know this trail well).  The fire trail then descends below/behind the Merrits Restaurant and joins the fire trail or “The flat bit at the bottom of High Noon”.  There would be very few people who have skied this trail, not only due to the lack of snow but I’m sure it’s out of bounds – it’s not a marked ski trail.  Unfortunately now it can only be ridden with a MTB guide.

It’s exciting times at Thredbo .. its a damn shame it so far from Sydney!

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