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Forest PipelineLast Update: 6/11/2013

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The Forest Pipeline Track follows the water pipeline that runs from Goroka Park Beacon Hill, through Allambie Heights, Frenchs Forest, Belrose and Davidson down to the upper reaches of Middle Harbour.

The trail provides service access to the pipeline which for the majority is above ground.  In most part the ride is a worn track on short grass with a few sections of dirt, a couple of bridges and some road sections as well.

Being a straight access road this trail is fairly uneventful however there are times when a simple straight ride to knock out the kays is required and this track provides plenty of that.  Of course the Forest Pipeline also provides riders with an off-road link between trails around Manly Dam, Bantry Bay and Belrose.  You could even walk your bike from the Middle Harbour end up to Cascades however riding that track is illegal. 

If you really wanted to go nuts a wade across Middle Harbour or walk 2km walk around to the nearest rock bridge to the north.  This would give you access to the Pipeline track on the St Ives side which continues on into the heart of St Ives for some way.

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