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Hinze DamLast Update: 12/6/2014

Video Uploaded:

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The Hinze Dam trail in south east Queensland is located about 15km from Nerang or 19km from Robina.

At the time of riding the full loop was just over 5km with a 1.85km ride over the Hinze Dam.

The full loop has some challenging elements with steep ascents/descents in either direction, some tight dips for the most part it's narrow and winding.

I rode the full loop in the clockwise direction but I've been told that it's more fun in the anti-clockwise direction and the majority of people I saw were riding anti-clockwise.

The Hinze Dam also features a shortened 820m Family Loop, however the family loop is far from a cruisey cycleway, it requires a reasonable level of bike control and pedalling skill but avoids most of the steep sections found on the full loop.

The Hinze Dam was a fun little XC trail that's worth a ride and if you like climbing hills it's a good burn.

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