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Thredbo Valley TrailLast Update: 8/1/2015

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For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The NSW Snowy Mountains MTB scene rapdily expanding.  Iíve decided to keep all the trail locations separated even though some are quite close to each other (and some will one day join up). Sections are: Jindabyne (trails around the dam), Bungarra Alpine Centre, Thredbo Valley Trail including Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, Thredbo Resort, Mt Kosciuszko, Perisher (still to come). Rolling Ground have a selection of Snow Mountains MTB Trail Maps available for download

The Thredbo Valley Track runs from the Friday Flat area of Thredbo all the way to Bullocks Flat (Skitube) creating a 17km single track ride.  Extend the ride down the River Trail and then return with a loop around Lake Crackenback Resort and all up it's around a 28km ride.  You can extend that further by adding some of the Thredbo XC trails at the start and trails such as the MuzzelwoodBullocks Track or Thredbo Diggings trail at the end to have a truly epic ride.  You can of course then ride back up to Thredbo!  Plenty of riders do but it's not something I'm planning on doing in a hurry.

A far more convenient method of getting from the bottom of the trail to Thredbo is via shuttle.  In summer 2014/15 Lake Crackenback Resort ran a shuttle at 9:30am from the administration building up to the Thredbo town centre for just $10 including park entry.  By parking at LCR and catching the shuttle up I wasn't working to any time frame and could take my time in Thredbo before descending the TVT.

Parking at the Lake Crackenback Resort and SpaBullocks Flat Skitube Terminal or inside the National Park at Thredbo DiggingsNgarigo and of course Thredbo.

While the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT) runs downhill its NOT from a downhill trail.  This is an important point to make.  Despite dropping over 200m from the highest to lowest point the trail has plenty of climbs that total around 150m.  There are lots of small steep climbs, some much longer steep climbs and long sections of slightly uphill pedaling.  A reasonable level of fitness is required to complete the full trail.  If you're unsure of your capability or are riding with children I would recommend having a driver meet you at each break point to assess how the journey is going.  As mentioned there is a lot of climbing and pedaling however even descents can be VERY tiring for inexperienced riders.


RouteSuper FitExperienced MTBerCasual Rider
Thredbo to Bullocks Flat - the full run<1 hour1-1.5 hours2-3 hours
  Part 1 -Thredbo to Rangers Station
<20 mins20-30 mins40+ mins
  Part 2 - Rangers Station to Ngarigo
<10 mins10-15 mins20+ mins
  Part 3 - Ngarigo to Thredbo Diggings *(hardest section)
<20 mins20-30 mins40-60 mins
  Ngarigo to Bullocks Flat via any of the 3 routes
    Part 4 - Bullocks Track - Thredbo Diggings to Bullocks Flat
    Muzzelwood Trail
    Thredbo Diggings Trail
<10 mins to 15 mins10-20 mins20-40 mins

The Lake Crackenback Resort Loop and the River Trails north of Bullocks Flat sit just outside the Kosciuszko National Park.  There are a mix of blue and green trails that are well worth the ride.  Opened in November 2012 Lake Crackenback Resort also have a great Skills, Flow and Pump Track that caters for riders of all levels (see the photos).

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