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Summer Mountain Bike Training at OMV


It's only a week until I ride the Rotorua Redwoods and I haven't done anywhere near enough riding in preparation.  The ankle injury I sustained while stuffing around at Manly Dam (see the first crash in the 2013 Another Year of Fail video) has for the most part kept me on the sidelines, however on a few occasions I defied doctor's orders and put in some time at Old Man's Valley to get my corners dialled in. 

While I'm surrounded by great technical MTB trails they're a little light on for banked trails in the immediate vicinity, thankfully OMV is only 40 mins up the road and the trail builders have constructed an amazing mix of corners, technical challenges and flowy sections.

OMV is a brilliant little bike park, they've packed a heap of fun into a very compact area.  If you haven't ridden Old Man's Valley yet I recommend getting up there for a few hours ASAP.

Here are my favourite bits of trail.


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