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Video: Return to Rotorua ... ok to go!


From the moment I got off the ground after wiping out badly on Stromloís Breakout Iíve been trying to keep a positive mind about my injury.  Despite this attitude itís still been a roller coaster where daily I would write off any chance of making Rotoura and then notice myself doing something that only days earlier was far too painful.

Here we are, 6 days out from take-off and 1 week away from completing my first day in the Redwoods.  I can say this because Ö

ďIím ok to goĒ 

Enjoy some moments from todayís MASSIVE step up at OMV, my final psychological test before locking in my Return to Rotorua.


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This website is brought to you by MTB weekend warrior Aaron Markie.
There are plenty of great websites out there with a wealth of information about Mountain Bike Trails,
however in my experience its hard to get a good mix of info, maps, photos and videos of trails I've never ridden.
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