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Green Circuit   (5.39km)

Bungarra Alpine CentreLast Update: 6/11/2013
Some trail names are made up, if there is a different name please let us know.

Video Uploaded: 13/1/2013

Difficulty - Easy - Intermediate
Slope - Flat
Space - Open
Surface - Dirt - Rock
Trail type - Single track


Iíve chosen to group number of trails to form an excellent ďgreenĒ loop around the bottom of the Bungarra property.  There are a number of short cuts, links, alternative ways etc etc .. study the official Bungarra Trail Map on Rolling Ground .. but this was a really nice flowy trail that covered almost every metre of green trail.

Roller Coaster
The Roller Coaster is the natural path to take after coming off Emuís Run, it starts just bellow Ned Kelly Corner from the dirt road.  While this trail is green it is quite a quick section with a number of corners bordered with trees that could cause a problem if you come in too hot.  Other than that itís an easy smooth section of single track.

Higwan Nature Trail
We go on and come off the Higwan Nature Trail a number of times on the Green Circuit.  While itís a loop in itself, the Higwan Nature Trail it does a very good job of connecting a range of green trails on the lower section.  See the map

The Roller Coaster merges onto the lower section of the Higwan Nature Trail for a short winding section through the grass lands.  A short distance along the Higwan Nature Trail the track forks off to the left.

Super Circuit
The Super Circuit runs off the Higwan Nature Trail (near the pump track) and winds its way around the bottom of the property and back around to the pump track.

The trail tight at times with rocks on the trail to keep you on your toes.  The gradient is almost flat with two creek bridge crossings the only outstanding exceptions (possibly beyond beginner riders but easily walked).

When the trail forks head to the right, down the creek gully and continue along the Super Circuit until the pump track.  At the pump track follow the trail around to the left

Higwan Nature Trail .. again
After completing the Super Circuit you return to the Higwan Nature Trail (only a few meters from where the Super Circuit began).  Continue around the outside of the pump track (anticlockwise) taking the trail to the left. After a short ride you will cross a creek and meet with a link track coming up from the Super Circuit, keep right and stay on the Higwan Nature Trail.

The trail climbs its way up to the sports oval with a number of rollers along the way (that might be quite fun coming the other direction) before intersecting with the start of the Good Times trail.  Keep to the right to continue along the Higwan Nature Trail or alternatively extend your loop by riding the Good Times loop that joins up with the Higwan again about 10m up the trail.  At the second intersection with Good Times (and also the bottom of the Copperhead Flow Trail) take the green trail to the right to continue along the Higwan.

At the next intersection you can either go to the left and climb back up to the dirt road or take the right (as I have done in the video) to continue along the Higwan Nature Trail toward the Skills Park.

Ned Kelly Climb
To complete the loop take the Ned Kelly Climb by veering left at the north end of the skills park and climb a few corners up to the dirt road at Ned Kelly Corner.

(From here I recommend riding the Ned Kelly Traverse back to the Trail Map.)

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