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WingelloLast Update: 24/3/2016

Video Uploaded:

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Wingello has a long MTB history but is more commonly known for it's fire trails and large XC events that attract a lot of roadies (on account of the fire trails), however over the years the network of single tracks has grown and I'm on a mission to spread the word about what is becoming one of the premier XC Mountain Bike venues in the country!

There are a number of loops within the Wingello State Forest but we've focused on the Red Loop, the loop that features all the single tracks.  Ballpark figures, I'd say it's about 50/50 of single track and fire trail over 25km and 540m of climbing.  

The single track on the Red Loop is some of the best XC single track you will find anywhere, and I don't say that lightly!  Trails like Love Love Love, Send in the Clowns and Dave's Dilemma rival the trails of Thredbo Valley, Mt Buller and Rotorua Rewoods for their quality of build and superb flow both descending and climbing.

IMO if they cut out a few of the fire trail descents and replaced them with single track Wingello would rival the Rotorua Redwoods for XC awesomeness.

The easiest way to the Wingello Forest is to turn off the Hume Highway at Murrimba Rd, there is a small dogs leg over the railway line at Wingello and then straight out along Forest Rd to the parking area. There is plenty of space to camp at the trail head and a pit toilet, however there is no water on site.

Wingello township is small but the Wingello Village Store has great food and friendly service, alternatively there are a number of cafes in Bundanoon and Exteter has a pretty cool pub.

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