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OurimbahLast Update: 27/12/2012

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


Ourimbah State Forest is a very popular set of trails with a very strong local contingent.  What this sometimes means is commonly used names don't always appear on the official trail maps or signs.  I've done my best to put the info I could find together, if I've missed anything please send through any updates.

Ourimbah is quite large so for the time being I've only covered the main trails on the south side of Red Hill Forest Rd. There are also trails on the north side and a downhill section in the south west.  I'm looking forward to going back and riding these trails.

The trails I've covered are serviced by a fire trail - Potters Gully Rd. A typical loop will involve some riding on the fire trail.  You can of course ride this fire trail from end to end which would be a great for beginners or those just wanting to burn some calories without thinking to hard.  Should anything go wrong with you or your bike while riding the trails at Ourimbah State Forest Potters Gully Rd serves as an easy way to get back.

With the exception of Potters Gully Rd the trails I rode were winding single track.  Some quite soft (and I'm told slippery in the wet) while others were dry and hard.  Most of the trails had ruts, rocks and roots with some of the descents having a few small but nice drop offs.  There are also some stand out features on the Jurassic Park and the Burnt Forest trails.  The trails are fairly well sign posted but with Potters Gully Rd running up the middle its fairly easy to find your way around if you have a map or GPS with you.

I rode what seems to be a fairly standard Ourimbah XC Loop. I've been told that laps of around 45mins to 1 hour are quite respectable however it took me 1:45 with breaks on my first run.  If you aren't used to single track climbing this trail will take it out of you.  Expect a serious climb out of the valley to get back to your car regardless of what route you take.

There is no water on the trail so take it with you.

A special thankyou to @JustMyType81 who took me around the trail and showed me the ropes. You will notice some pretty big gaps in the sound, that's because of our incessant talking.  I'm sure you don't want to listen to that.

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