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Mt JoyceLast Update: 25/4/2014

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


Mt Joyce has some fantastic DH and Gravity Trails combined with many kilometres of XC trails and taken over from Nerang as my favourite place to ride in South East Queensland.

We only covered a small number of the trails so far, but what we rode was a great loop that consisted of some fun flowy XC (Tunnel Vision and Number 7), long but relatively easy climbs (Worm Juice) and one of the greatest descending trails I've ever ridden (Bovine Groove).

There is a main fire trail that runs from the gate right to the top of the mountain.  Those who struggle with the single track switchbacked climbs can walk up the fire trail and enjoy the amazing flowy descents.  We climbed the fire trail from the Worm Juice to the top of the mountain where Bovine Groove and a number of other trails begin, the climb was so steep I had to zig zag as it was too steep to walk straight up.

With the exception of the Black DH runs (which we didn't ride or map) all trails are two way.

Make sure you take everything you need with you.  Its a long way back to the car park and there is nothing but trails, bush and water on the other side of the gate.

Mt Joyce is not far from Beaudesert and would be a great place to base yourself if riding for more than a day.  It's also about 40 minutes from Mount Tamborine so if you're really clever you can leave those not interested in mountain biking to enjoy the Mount Tamborine village (worth a stop BTW - brewery, distillery, cellar doors as well as all the usual country village markety, crafty, hand-madey type shops). 

Brisbane MTB Shuttles often run shuttle days - Their Facebook page tends to be the best place for days and times.

The official website www.mtjoyceescape.com.au seems to be flaky so we included the official trail map until such time as we map the remaining trails.

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