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Daisy HillLast Update: 28/4/2014

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


Daisy Hill, situated about 25km south east of Brisbane (56km from Surfers Paradise), is a recreation area with a mix of MTB only single track options linked by many kilometres of shared use fire trail.

The single tracks are spread throughout the area and can take a little while to get from each trail.  We'd been given the tip to ride Nirvana and with only a few hours to spend on the trails we opted to start at the south eastern corner off Leo Lindo Drive.  There are however a number of places to park including the end of Daisy Hill Road (upper day-use area and probably the most central point to park), Ford Road and West Mount Cotton Road.

We've only managed to cover 2 of the 9 official single tracks and a few of the fire trails. The single tracks were reasonably well signposted however the fire trails I rode were not.  The printed maps easily found online helped me somewhat to get my bearings.

Daisy Hill seems to have a good mix of trails for all levels of riders.  There were dozens of people out on the day I rode, many of them on recreational bikes but plenty of Lycra clad guys on some very expensive pieces of machinery. 

Tip - its about 30 minutes from Harbour Town.  Dropping the other half at the Outlet Centre could give you a good few hours on the trail.

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