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Kiwarrak State ForestLast Update: 1/6/2014

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The trails of the Kiwarrak (said Kye Warwick - which is said Warrick :) ) State Forest are among some of the best XC trails in the country.  There is reportedly some 60km of single track and many more kms of fire trail.  We spent about 6 hours on the trails of the course of a weekend and have only ridden about half of the mapped trails, but there are a lot more that aren't on the printed map.

It's going to take us a while to complete all the trail content for Kiwarrak (not to mention we need to go back and ride the rest of the trails), so we've decided to put up the content as it's ready rather than wait for the hole section to be complete.

This is an outstanding trail map, I wished I'd thought to check Open Street Map while I was there, it would have been far more useful than the printed map - http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/17150221#map=15/-31.9585/152.4304

If you have any questions about Kiwarrak send them through via our Contact Us page, use Twitter @MTB_TrailVideos or Facebook 

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