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Majura PinesLast Update: 22/8/2015

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The reborn Majura Pines MTB Trails opened in May 2015 after a number of years of inactivity due to the Majura Parkway being built through the lower slopes of the forest. The new Majura Pines MTB trails feature a mix of fun gravity trails and winding XC trails.

For additional information including trail maps please visit - http://majurapines.org/

The best place to park is on the (old) Majura Rd, to access this you will need to exit the Majura Parkway at the northern end. If you are coming from the north take the exit toward the Winery but dont go over the bridge, drive down Majura Rd until you see the gate on the right (western) side of Majura Rd. There are maps at the trail head, but its dead simple to find the trails. Immediately in front of you are the green beginner trails, for the intermediate and advanced trails follow the bike path under Majura Parkway and up the other side (video here).

Majura Pines can be easily divided into 5 sections. Weve covered the first 3 sections so far.

  • The XC section in the middle blue intermediate trails
  • The climbing and descending section at the north end blue intermediate trails
  • The climbing and descending section at the south end blue intermediate trails
  • The Black Diamond section above the south end section (not ridden as yet) black expert trails
  • The beginner area near the car park (not ridden as yet) green easy trails
All the blue trails are rideable on any mountain bike however to get the most out of the descents we definitely recommend an Enduro bike for Planet Claire, Pino Grinio and Bombora.

A loop encompassing the all the blue trails will be around 12km with some reasonably tough clubs at either end. The XC trails can be rooty and rocky but are not overly technical. The descents are choc full of jumps, berms, gully drops and other technical features.

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