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Bungarra Alpine CentreLast Update: 6/11/2013

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The NSW Snowy Mountains MTB scene rapidly expanding.  Iíve decided to keep all the trail locations separated even though some are quite close to each other (and some will one day join up). Sections are: Jindabyne (trails around the dam), Bungarra Alpine Centre, Thredbo River including Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, Thredbo Resort, Mt Kosciuszko, Perisher (still to come). Rolling Ground have a selection of Snow Mountains MTB Trail Maps available for download

Bungarra Alpine Centre is just a few minutes drive up Barry Way from the big roundabout on the way to the Ski Fields from Jindabyne.  Not long after the industrial area on Barry Way take a right where the Bungarra sign is and follow the main dirt road until you come to a big park area and shed on the right, this is the trail head.  If you are supremely fit you could ride from Jindabyne however the hill near the roundabout and climbing the dirt road at Bungarra would be a challenge.

The trails at Bungarra Alpine Centre are privately owned and as such there are limitations as to when you can ride there.  In the summer of 2012/13 they launched a weekend pass that allowed visitors to ride the trails from 12pm Friday through to 12pm Monday for a small fee of just $5 (fill out the form and deposit the money in the honesty box at the Trail Sign).  Please check for the latest details by visiting the Bungarra Alpine Centre website.

The trails at Bungarra are a combined effort of the Bungarra Alpine Centre, Rolling Ground (trail builders) and the Jindabyne MTB Club, and they have done a great job!

The trails range from a beginner loop, long green circuit, technical, rolling and winding blue loops, technical or flowy gravity trails and amazingly tight and technical black runs.  They also have a skills park with green, blue and black loops, a large advanced pump and jumps track and another extensive easy pump track area.

Iíve ridden in Jindabyne many times but itís the first time Iíve ridden Bungarra Alpine Centre trails.  The new weekend pass has made it accessible to visitors and in my opinion they are a must do while in the snowy.  I spent more time at Bungarra than any other trail centre in the Snowy Mountains on my recent trip.

I recommend Downloading the trail map from Rolling Ground and taking it with you, while signage is fair I found having a map with me quite helpful.

Suggested and favourite loops.

There is plenty of wildlife around Bungarra, in fact on the last day I would have come across close to 40 Kangaroos (here's one I didn't notice until I watched the video 2m 55s on the Copperhead Flow), including one very big one (5ft+ standing) on the Tokyo Express (hard to see he blends into the bush), rabbits by the hundreds and butterflies by the millions, however this encounter was the stand out - GoPro Video of Mountain Bike Emu Attack.

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