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Nerang State ForestLast Update: 13/6/2015

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For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


Nerang State Forest is a very large area of bush about 20 minutes west of Surfers Paradise. Sitting adjacent to the Pacific Motorway the trail centre is easily accessible from Brisbane (45mins) or Tweed Heads (30mins).  If you are holidaying in South East Queensland then take your mountain bike and enjoy the fantastic trails of Nerang State Forest.

The Forest has a rather large network of fire trails with plenty of big hills to climb and descend. Everything from 40+km loops to rides that will take under an hour to complete. If it's fire trails you want the Nerang State Forest has PLENTY!

But Nerang is far from just fire trails. There is an enormous network of single tracks throughout the forest. Some amazing trails with long winding descents, heaps of loose rocks, drops, roots, ruts .. really big ruts and plenty of long flowy sections.

HOWEVER .. most of the single tracks are currently illegal. In fact THE ONLY LEGAL SINGLE TRAILS IN THE FOREST ARE Three Hills and Casuarina Grove Circuit Track.

Our mandate here at MTB Trail Videos is to support local trail advocates who work hard to ensure our sport has continued access to mountain bike trails, so we don't promote illegal trails nor will we feature them on this site. However If you are planning to ride Nerang we suggest you contact the Gold Coast MTB Club, www.mtbtrailcare.com and or local bike shops to find out the current status because there are some ABSOULTELY GOLDEN single tracks to be found in the Nerang Forest.

The trail head is located within the Gold Coast Cycle Centre. Parking is on Hope Street.

Head through the gate and across the Criteiron Circuit - WARNING CHECK FOR BIKES - They fly down that hill at lightening speeds. Continue along the road past the large shed like building on the left and then take the dirt track to the left and cross over the road towards the metal fence. There is a small gap in the fence and oposite is the trail sign.

From here you can head left up Centre Road (Three Hills), right will take you around the Casuarina Grove Track (the wrong way IMO) as will the wide single track in the middle. If you are planning on climbing the Three Hills single track then you can either head left up Centre Road and take any number of single track entries off to the right, or head up the wide middle track and then take the first single track to the left.

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