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Trail sections for Hassans Walls


Hassans WallsLast Update: 13/6/2014

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The Hassans Walls area sits directly above Lithgow and contains a number of great gravity / downhill trails and fire trails all serviced by Hassans Walls Rd .. did anyone say SHUTTLE!  The only problem is you will need to find someone to drive you up the hill as commercial shuttles don't exist, however it might be worth contacting the local MTB club for info on organised shuttle days.

On both the occasions we've ridden Hassans Walls we've had tragic camera fails so we apologise for the less than perfect trail videos, however I've been wanting publish the footage we do have because the gravity riding at Hassans is very good.

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