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Pilot WildernessLast Update: 6/5/2016

Video Uploaded:

For full information, including maps, photos and detailed info on trail sections use the links on the right


The full Pilot Wilderness Ride encompasses a number of trails, the Cascade Trail, Ingeegoodbee Track, Nine Mile Trail that link the Alpine Way (near Thredbo) to Barry Way (south of Ingebirah which is reasonable way south of Jindabyne).

From the Alpine Way to Barry Way is a 57km all day / overnight epic ride with some seriously large climbs, some brilliant fast descents and one amazing 1000m descent over just 5.8km.  You can of course travel as far out as you dare and return to Dead Horse Gap but once past Bob's Ridge you are going to find some fairly serious climbs on the way back.

The return trip to the Cascade Hut an amazing ride and must do adventure.

Before riding in the Pilot Wilderness make sure you have done your homework, done a very thorough check of the weather conditions and have all the necessary safety gear as this part of the country is unforgiving.  All trails are shared trails so be prepared to come across walkers, other riders and even NPWS vehicles.

Make sure you have your camera handy.  You can expect to see some wildlife including Wild Brumbies.

Read the full adventure story and watch the video

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