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St Ives and BelroseLast Update: 24/3/2013

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This trail centre includes the trails found in the Garigal National Park between Belrose, Davidson and St Ives, and also the trails on the western side of Mona Vale Rd linking up with the trails that run around the southern edge of Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest through the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park.  I've been riding hard to cover all the trails in the area but there are still some more to go including the Douglas Street entrance to Upper Cambourne, the Kitchener Street entrance to the Kitchener Track, the Cooyong Track and some of the fire trails from the western end of St Ives.

Trails in this area can be easily linked with trails in the Terrey Hills and Oxford Falls area which makes them a favourite of the local long distance XC scene. 

The trails that run through the valley between St Ives, Davidson and Belrose (Cascades, Heath and Bare Creek Track, Upper Cambourne, Upper Cambourne, Quarry and Ridge Top Track) are steep, to the point where some hill sections have been sealed to preserve the fire trail accessibility.  If you like long descents with tonnes of waterbars then the trails in this area should keep you entertained.

In contrast the trails to the west of Mona Vale Road (St Ives Horse Track, Wildflower Gardens Single Track, Ryland, Ryland 1st Left and Ryland 2nd Left) are fairly flat and even contain some nice flowy technical single tracks (St Ives Horse Track and Wildflower Gardens Single Track). 

Looking at Google Earth the fire trails that link Mona Vale Road with the trails on the southern edge of Terrey Hills (Cooyong and Sandy) contain some serious climbs.  I'm looking forward to riding those.

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