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Mountain Bike Blog



Welcome to the Mountain Bike Trail Videos Blog


A collection of random thoughts and mountain bike related bits and pieces.

A little about me ..

I first got on a MTB in the summer of 2008 / 2009 as part of my weight loss program, prior to that I hadn’t ridden a bike for over 20 years and I’d never even owned a bike with gears. My bike experience was limited to modding my Malvern Star (chopper seat and sissy bar) with a normal saddle and new paint job when the BMX fad hit in the late 70’s. I built jumps on the road out of wood and bricks and dreamed of owning a Redline with “tuffs”.

Fast forward to 2008.  A mate of mine was a keen MTBer and had been riding a Mongoose hardtail for some time .. back when the XC track at Oxford Falls wasn’t illegal.  I rode with him a few times in the summer of 08/09 on my K-Mart hardtail but he went to the US in early 2009 so my motivation dropped.

I picked it up again in 2010 and after having my push bike totaled when a car rear ended my bike rack I upgraded to a $300 Diamondback Dual Suspension bike from Big W.  I like to point out to “all the gear types” that I successfully rode a 1” suspension bike that was worth less than their brakeset around Red Hill, Manly Dam, Jindabyne and Nerang … until …

One day riding home from work a cyclist pulled up beside me and told me something was really wrong with my bike. On closer inspection I noticed cracks in the frame and the suspension pivots had a lot of movement.  Even putting my foot on the pedal at the lights was enough to bend the frame.  It was at that point I decided to invest in a serious mountain bike.

I got my Giant Reign 1 in June 2012 and I haven’t looked back.

I certainly don’t claim to be a MTB expert but I hope that through this blog I can pass on some of the things I have learnt in conjunction with the trail info I’m collecting.

See you on the trails.

Aaron @MTB_TrailVideos


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This website is brought to you by MTB weekend warrior Aaron Markie.
There are plenty of great websites out there with a wealth of information about Mountain Bike Trails,
however in my experience its hard to get a good mix of info, maps, photos and videos of trails I've never ridden.
The idea of this website is to tie those 4 elements together and give you a more detailed look at the MTB Trails I ride.
If you have anything to add then let me know.