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I'm back on the bike


I got some great news yesterday with the wrist Doc giving the ok to get back on the bike. 

She liked what she saw on the X-Rays, in fact I think she was even surprised at how well it had come on.

Considering how bad the fracture was at 6 weeks she was fully expecting to have to operate, but 5 weeks in the splint and itís looking very good.  Certainly no operation necessary!

The Doc is a MTBer and obviously can see the torment in my eyes at not being able to ride.  While the bone is not completely healed she says that life needs to go on, so gave me the ok to ďride liteĒ.

So today its back on the bike!  Simple fire trails for the time being .. but thatís better than nothing!

The Jap School Roundabout on the Perimiter Track - I'm on my way!


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There are plenty of great websites out there with a wealth of information about Mountain Bike Trails,
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