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South East Queensland Mountain Bike Trails


Nerang State Forest

I had a great ride out at Nerang today. Heaps of locals on the trail giving me some great tips on where to ride. There are a lot of trails in the State Forest that are technically illegal but I think I managed to stay on the legal tracks today. 

From what I can work out there are only 2 legal single tracks the Three Hills and the Casurina Track plus miles and miles of fire road, however this time last year I rode some great trails that I didn't realise were illegal. There are apparently tonnes of illegal single tracks through the State Forest but finding info on them is very hard, in fact anyone who seems to put anything online is heavily attacked. Even Strava contains bugger all.

I was hoping to get the low-down from the local bike shop but being Anzac Day it was shut so I stuck to the mapped trails.

Thanks to the 3 blokes with Specializes in the car park, the Pomie guy with the Red Reign at the top of 3 hills, The three young blokes (one with a hard tail) at the bottom I got around the trails I had planned.

I rode up Centre Rd (well walked some of it) then descended the Three Hills track. That was pretty cool. The loose rocky sections on the corners .. that were lined with trees .. were stressing me out !! HA! But there were some great sections to let the bike run for a bit.

Then when I got to the bottom I rode around the Casuarina Track and the optional loop. I seemed to back track a bit so I will have to check the GPS to see where I went but those sections were fun. Lots of little technical bits to keep you on your toes when climbing, but nothing to outrageous when descending.

All in all a pretty bloody good Anzac Day morning. I'll hopefully get back up there and do it again tomorrow. Heres the Strava ride, I will create the new trail section and upload the video when I'm back from holidays.

Currumbin Border Track

A couple of days ago I also rode the Currumbin Border Track which is a fire trail/maintenance track that runs along the barbed wire fence on the NSW / QLD Border. I only rode about 4km (mostly climbing) before turning back. Turns out the trail goes all the way to the South Australian Border!  Then turns left and runs all the way to the Victorian Border. Looks like you could do fire trail all the way to Mildura .. maybe more! 

It didn't appear to get much traffic, it certainly is the most overgrown fire trail I've ever ridden.  There were sections with large amounts of leaf / tree litter and plenty of loose rocky sections.  In some parts you could only just make out the wheel tracks through the long grass.  While there was definitely trail you couldn't see the trail surface through the grass!  I found that a little scary considering the amount of rocks and branches on the trail in general.  So it was a case of arse back and hope for the best.

It's not an outstanding trail but certainly good enough for knocking out some kms if you are on the NSW/QLD Border.  Plenty of steep climbs!

Once again I will put this trail section up on the website when I'm back from holidays.  Here's the Strava ride. 



This website is brought to you by MTB weekend warrior Aaron Markie.
There are plenty of great websites out there with a wealth of information about Mountain Bike Trails,
however in my experience its hard to get a good mix of info, maps, photos and videos of trails I've never ridden.
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