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Fantasy Enduro - Enduro World Series Fantasy Game


MTB Trail Videos is very proud to announce the launch of Fantasy Enduro an online fantasy game following the Enduro World Series (EWS).

Fantasy Enduro

Launched in February 2017 Fantasy Enduro gives mountain bike race fans the opportunity to pick their own race team and compete against other players for the Fantasy Enduro Championship using official results from the Enduro World Series.

Entry is free and the one-step-sign-up is secure and super easy - https://www.fantasyenduro.com

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from mountain bike tipping games that masquerade as fantasy competitions and also remove ourselves from traditional "fantasy football concepts" that don't relate to mountain biking.

A fantasy game that is engaging, easy to play and relevant to mountain biking was the big idea behind Fantasy Enduro.  We wanted to differentiate ourselves from mountain bike tipping games that masquerade as fantasy competitions and also remove ourselves from traditional "fantasy football concepts" that don't relate to mountain biking, at the same time staying true to the core fantasy principles that game must be score on more than final results and reward the team owner for loyalty to the rider.

With those values in place we set about building the Fantasy Enduro rules and game play.

The EWS stage race format gave us an opportunity to be creative and introduce a unique way of scoring results. Riders score significant bonus points for finishing in the top 15 of any stage as well as points for the overall round results.

Fantasy Enduro Race Teams are selected using our intuitive colour coded team selection panel.

  • 2male (gold panel) and 2 female riders (red panel) from the complete list of GC riders
  • 2male riders who are not currently ranked in the Fantasy Enduro Top 10 male riders (orange panel)
  • 1female rider who is not currently ranked in the Fantasy Enduro Top 5female riders (maroon)
  • 1wildcard rider - either a female or male rider not top ranked (blue panel)

Players can switch riders in and out of the team as often as they like leading up to each round lockout. Then once the round is complete players may again switch as many riders as they like, as often as they like.

Fantasy Enduro Team Selection Panel

All 2016 riders are loaded into Fantasy Enduro and as the start lists are announced for each 2017 event the rider lists are updated as well as highlighting the riders confirmed to race!

As the season progresses rider rankings will change, the skill is not only in picking the best riders but also the 3 unranked riders who will climb into ranked positions. Players can keep riders in their unranked slots even if they become a top ranked rider. Loyalty is rewarded!

The Wildcard gives a player an opportunity to gamble on an unranked rider that might be a higher risk prospect. The Wildcard result is only included if they score more than another rider in the team.

To ensure players of Fantasy Enduro donít forget to update their team we have an optional reminder email. 

The Fantasy Enduro website is supported by the Fantasy Enduro Facebook Page and Fantasy Enduro Instagram accounts where players can get the latest Fantasy Enduro news and info.

Fantasy Enduro

Fantasy Enduro was designed and built by digital product manager Aaron Markie a 20 year veteran of sports web development.

Aaron is a MTB tragic who loves nothing more than taking his bikes on holiday to somewhere with an uplift. Aaron fantasized about competing in Enduro events until he saw Wyn Masters Strava time on Te Tihi O Tawa. Aaron chooses not to race.

For more information on Game Play and rules please visit www.fantasyenduro.com/faq.asp


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