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VIDEO: The Fourth 365 Days of Reign - My 4th year of Mountain Biking


This video celebrates all the trail centres I rode in the past twelve months (from June 2015 until May 2016), my fourth year riding a Giant Reign 1, my first real mountain bike.

In The Forth 365 Days of Reign I didn't ride as many places as in previous years (365 Days of Reign, 365 Days of Reign - the Second Coming and The Third 365 Days of Reign) however this year I returned to the same places more regularly and spent far more time covering as many trails as possible at each place. In fact I totalled more than 5 weeks on trail in the Rotorua Redwoods, Sparrow Hill and the East Kowen Forests.

I also enjoyed great adventures including the stunning 57km Pilot Wilderness Ride, I found new favourite places to ride like Wingello and fell in love with some amazing new trails such as the Thredbo All Mountain Trail and Rotorua's Kung Fu Walrus.

This year was also the first year I got through without a major injury however I didn't come out unscathed, destroying 4 Shadow+ derailleurs, 2 seat posts, 2 bottom brackets, 1 frame, 1 rear shock, 1 brake calliper, 1 wheel, 1 hub and ludicrous number of spokes.  It certainly has been an eventful year.

I hope you enjoy The Fourth 365 Days of Reign.

I would like to thank everyone that was a part of my Fourth 365 Days of Reign especially the Rootarua Boys who pushed me to new heights, plus a big call out to everyone who joins in the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Strava.

We recommend breaking the video out into the full YouTube player and watching it at the largest resolution your connection and computer can handle.

Almost all the trails in this video are featured on this website, donít hesitate to ask if you want more info.


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