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2013 Another Year of #FAIL


Here it is folks 2013 in all its glory.  We recorded 100s of gigabytes of mountain bike trail videos and in doing so captured a series of tragic #FAILS some more epic than others.

Sadly due to camera fails we missed a few pieces of ABSOLUTE GOLD that would have made the top 5 including a wiping out on the Jubes wall ride trying to avoid a toddler and my biggest OTB of the year at the start of the Thredbo Downhill single track section as I flew off that root at the crest and came down into the big arse boulder in the landing zone .. you know the one!

But without further ado...

2013 Another Year of #FAIL (uncensored)

Click on the YouTube logo and break out the player into the full size and select the highest quality your connection can handle.

Don't forget to watch last year's epic 2012 a Year of #FAIL.


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